Lightning 17

full sized sea/touring kayak for accommodating a larger or smaller paddlers or for long distance paddling.

This kayak has a stable multi chine (three) hull that tracks beautifully.

The Lightning 17 is sleek, rugged, beautiful and fast, an excellent day paddler.

Great for novice or experienced paddlers

Cockpit Size
Cockpit Configuration

Dimensions: 17'long 24" beam

Cockpit: 31"x 17-5/8"

Large Cockpit: 34-1/4"x18-1/2"

Deck Height: 13"

Weight: 45 lbs

Capacity: 350 lbs

Build Time: 95-110 hrs

  • CNC cut BS1088 4mm Okoume Marine plywood
  • Temporary bulkheads/forms
  • Carry Handles
  • Entropy CLR Epoxy Resin
  • Entropy Pump set
  • 6oz Fiberglass
  • 4oz Fiberglass
  • 6oz Fibreglass Tape
  • Graphite Powder
  • Wood Flour
  • Stitching Wire
  • Mixing Cups
  • Tongue depressors
  • Fillet Sticks
  • Acid Brushes
  • Flagship Marine Varnish
  • Squeegees
  • Foam Rollers
  • 3" Roller handle
  • Nitrile gloves
  • 170+ page Instruction Manual

Box 1: 18x15x1

Box 2: 98x12x4

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