10'6" SUP Stitch & Glue Paddleboard Kit

The paddle board is an all round high durability DIY paddle board kit that builders with limited experience can build. The board is constructed out of BS 1088 Okume Marine Mahogany plywood with fibreglass exterior. The kit includes CNC cut stations, frames, deck and hull panels, epoxy kit, fibreglass, varnish, stitching wire, fin box, gore-tex vent, deck clips, and full build manual. The board is a 4 panel deck and hull construction and can be stained, left natural, epoxy pigmented or carbon fibre veneered as the builder desires. This kit is for builders with limited experience with its simple assembly and minimum tool requirements (orbital sander, drill and pliers). This paddle board weighs 37 pounds, as compared to a foam core hardboard at approximately 30 pounds, modifications can be made to reduce the weight of the internal frames and hardwood bow and stern.

NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT: The bow and stern hardwood blocks are not included in the kit. The fin can be made easily build or purchased, but is also not part of the kit. Leash and paddle are also able to be purchased separately, due to a range of prices and materials. Deck grip, foam pads or non-skid materials are not included in the kit.

10'6" Stitch & Glue Paddleboard Kit

37 lbs

190 pound carry capacity

33 1/2" wide

3 3/4" thick

Rocker hull for better performance

Contoured two panel rail, versus a square rail, for more strength and manoeuvrability

Deck lines and Gore-tex vent