Fibreglass Cloth E-Glass


E-Glass cloth is woven from fine yarns of 
twist and ply construction with the actual 
glass being a
lime-alumina borosilicate glass of low alkali content. This glass composition offers ample flexural and tensile
strengths, high chemical stability and high moisture resistance. The cloth weave allows it to conform to curved
surfaces with minimum fitting. E-Glass cloth if categorized by weight per square yard and is sold by the running
foot. An E-Glass cloth tape with finished edges is also available and is sold by bulk by the 125 yard roll. This
cloth is used for the building of cedar strip canoes.It?s also use in the repair of fiberglass hulls. Caution:
Contact with fibrous glass may cause temporary irritation. Recommend long sleeved, loose fitting clothing when
handling the material. Gloves and eye protection may be appropriate in certain operations. Wash with soap and warm
water after handling. A disposable mask designed for nuisance-type dust is adviable where high dust levels may be
encountered. When sanding fibreglass that has been applied using epoxy resin, if the resin has been curing less
than 7 days then a charcoal filter mask with dust filters should be used. After epoxy resin has cured for 8 days the
dust is inert and a regular dust mask can be used.