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cutting puzzle joint

A puzzle joint can be added to the long edge or the short edge of a 4x8 sheet of plywood or composite. The joint is precision cut so that panels can be added for longer lengths for build projects. Unlike scarf or butt joining, the puzzle greatly increases the strength of the material, and the joint is then glued with epoxy to unify the two sheets. The cut file is already designed and patented by Timber BoatWorks, so there is no design or engineering costs. The price listed is for a single cut, either the long edge or short edge. If you had to cut a puzzle into two seperate sheets, the cost would be 2 x $100 = $200. There is discount options if there is many sheets, or if the plywood is purchased through our company. We offer 6566 and BS 1088 Okume Mahogany Marine Plywood, as well as 18 MM Baltic Birch Plywood. Please contact for more information, or quotes.

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