Orca 16

The Orca 16 is our newest design, inspired by the kayaks of Greenland. The designer of the Orca 16 is an experienced paddler, guide and builder, and he refined this kayak to be a high performance ultralight aggressive design for paddlers and builders that desire the best paddling experience.

The Orca 16 is a direct connection between the paddler and the water with its manoeuvrability, responsiveness and control. With subtle changes in the paddlers stroke and body position the Orca can turn, pivot, edge and carve in the water. The more experience the paddler has the more this kayak shows its potential, and the more demands on performance the more the Orca delivers performance.

The Orca has good initial stability when being paddled conventionally or touring, thanks to its Swede form, and excellent secondary stability when edging and manoeuvring at fast and slow speeds.

If your are looking for a playful kayak, this kayak rolls effortlessly, is quick and is nimble in tight spaces when surfing or playing in rocky coastal environments. This kayak is reinforced and coated with scratch and impact reducing coatings and surfaces to retain durability in rocky and wavy conditions.

The Orca 16 will inspire both experienced and novice paddlers and builders alike.


Kayak L X W: 16' x 21 1/4"

Keel to Coaming Height: 12 3/4"

Cockpit Opening L x W : 31" x 18 1/2"


Dimensions: 16' long 22" beam

Weight:  40 lbs. (approximate)

Rocker: 1.5"

  • CNC cut BS1088 4mm Okoume Marine plywood
  • Temporary bulkheads/forms
  • Carry Handles
  • Entropy CLR Epoxy Resin
  • Entropy Pump set
  • 6oz Fiberglass
  • 4oz Fiberglass
  • 6oz Fibreglass Tape
  • Graphite Powder
  • Wood Flour
  • Stitching Wire
  • Mixing Cups
  • Tongue depressors
  • Fillet Sticks
  • Acid Brushes
  • Flagship Marine Varnish
  • Squeegees
  • Foam Rollers
  • 3" Roller handle
  • Nitrile gloves
  • 170+ page Instruction Manual

Box 1: 18x15x1

Box 2: 98x12x4

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