January 09, 2024 3 min read

Timber Boatworks is now offering Youtube Tutorials on building the Solace 16, Anuri 16 and Quick Build 14 as systematic step-by-step instructions to compliment our build manual. These videos are short and educational for steps that may be unfamiliar to epoxy and fibreglassing that align with out build manuals from our kits. The Youtube is complimentary to the information in the build manuals, and will offer visual representation of certain techniques, however the Youtube channel is not a replacement for the build manual.

We begin the tutorial with joining the hull and deck panels, along with the coamings and other small components. Learning how to use epoxy is always best on parts that will not be visible on the kayak, so that your technique is refined by the time you fiberglass the hull exterior and deck exterior.

The second videos are building the seat, which is a complex contoured shape that has to be drilled, stitched, epoxy glued, fiberglassed and finished. This seat will give the builder all of the experience required to successfully build the hull and deck. These videos are a bit longer, so that the builder can fully see how to drill and stitch the panels. The more that we can build skills the better the deck and hull exterior will be.

We follow this video with the hull and deck construction, once again using the stitch and glue method. This takes the seat build skill and applies them to a larger area. We also show how to resolve twists in the hull, high and low spots as well as how to reinforce the hull interior.

We have in depth fiberglassing tutorials that show how to saturate 6 ounce fiberglass for a transparent result. How the epoxy is applied and treated directly impacts the clarity and strength of the resin. Application techniques and recoats are also shown so that refinishing is minimal with the smoothest result.

Varnishing is also demonstrated at length, since the finish of the kits is highly valued. If the kit is assembled carefully the finishing is simple (sand and varnish), but we also show how to varnish and finish a carbon fibre deck of the Anuri 16 as well as how to epoxy pigment the Quick Build 14. Take your time on the finishing, because it is the most visible part of the build.

 We also offer tutorials for gel coating basics, gunwale installation and abs thermoform repair. These videos have been requested by clients in our shop who have canoe and kayak repairs. The more videos that the clients have access to will result in a better repair and better finish, which will get them out paddling faster.

Some common misconceptions of wood kayak kits are that they are heavy and fragile. This could not be further from the truth, as the kits are BS 1088 Okume Mahogany, which is rigorously tested and standardized. The plywood in our kits is boil tested for 1 hour without delamination, ultrasound tested to have less than 1% void through out, no fill veneers, equal laminated core, bi directional laminations, mahogany through out and humidity tested to receive the British Standard 1088 stamp. This makes the plywood extremely durable and light. In our kits, this makes our Solace 16 EX (our most popular model) 36 pounds including the fiberglass, seat, hatches, foot braces and deck hardware. Our Kits also have excellent durability because we add fiberglass with epoxy on the interior and exterior of the deck and hull, which create a composite sandwich with the Okume core. This makes the plywood extremely strong and resistant to weather, sharp impact, weather checking, cold storage and anything that the paddler will face in the environment. Its only by our choices in using the highest quality BS 1088 Okume Mahogany and epoxy that we are so confident in the quality of our kits, their durability, life span, low maintenance and ultra light design.

New videos and tutorials are uploaded regularly and we are always willing to talk questions on the phone or email as well. We are focused on offering the best building experience with the most durable high performing ultra light boat kits. 

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Still Photo from a build tutorial

Applying a Graphite Coating from our Tutorials

Applying fiberglass from the Tutorials