10'6" SUP Frame Kit for an All round paddleboard

This frame kit is designed for more structure and stiffness with its 9 bulkheads and 7 stringers. The frame kit is easily assembled for a rigid structure before skinning the board with any chosen material. Due to the strength of the frame, the skin materials can be ultra light, including foam core, Okume Marine Mahogany Plywood, Cedar, Kevlar, Carbon Fibre or other found or reclaimed natural materials.

The frame kit includes the bulkeads, the stringers, and the assembly manual. The frame kit is cut out of BS 1088 Okume Marine Mahogany plywood. For plywood specifications please read the "Why Build with Wood?" information under the "About" drop menu on the website.

NOT INCLUDED Depending on the skinning materials you may require smaller or larger volumes of epoxy, please contact for advice on epoxy volumes and prices. Composite materials like fibreglass, carbon fibre and kevlar are sold separately. Cedar, BS 1088 Okume Marine Mahogany Plywood and other woods can be purchased through our store, please contact for availability and prices. Vents, fin box and deck lines are available and can easily be added to the kit. Pour in place foam is also available at our store for foam core or composite core boards. 

10'6" length

33 1/2" wide

3 3/4" thick

190 pound capacity (depending on core materials)

Rocker Hull for better performance

Contoured outside rail for more durability, versus a flat outside rail.