Build Manuals and Guides

This page offers guides, links and downloadable manuals for stitch and glue construction as well as general manuals on the use of materials for any boat build, boat repair, RV or trailer repair, shower and hot tub repair and fiberglass repair. This page is inspired by offering free approved and tested information from manufacturers, Timber Boatworks Technicians, experienced boat builders and approved Youtube sources to guide a first time builder or repair.

First time builders can read and learn the concepts and techniques for general and specific fiberglass, polyester, wood construction, wall lamination, bonding fasteners and many other techniques from the marine industry to successfully repair their boat, trailer, RV or home project.

This page is dedicated to offering downloadable credible sources for boat building, gel coat repair and maintenance, vacuum bagging, mold making and stitch and glue construction. The manuals will include information on how to use epoxy, polyester resin, gel coat, marine plywood and composites in their ideal application for long lasting repairs for the marine environment. The manuals are also useful for RV, trailer, hot tub repair, shower and tub repair and other fiberglass repairs and maintenance.

For Youtube videos on using specific products we have our Timber Boatworks Channel and the West System Channel. These offer information along with video to see how the product is applied in different techniques and applications.

For build manuals we offer the Timber BoatWorks Complete Stitch and glue manual and West System technical manuals for Wood Boat, Fiberglass boats, vacuum bagging, gelcoat blister and other uses manuals.

For additional citation and information we offer the Epoxyworks back issues index and some pertinent articles on transom repairs, stringer repairs, choosing the proper plywood and flame treating plastics.

We also list the Delta Instuction Sheet for ABS plastic repairs, which is a step by step instruction for all ABS kayaks, Wilderness Systems Kayaks, Riot Kayaks, Borreal Design kayaks and Delta Kayaks with the list for the correct adhesives, fiberglass and paints to repair a damaged ABS kayak.