Waters Dancing Advantage

Building times, Costs, and Weights

When comparing the building times, costs, and weights of the various boats on the market, keep in mind that our kits are more comprehensive and include more of the components that are required to complete the build.

The building times quoted reflect the time that it will take to build a finished boat that, once completed as guided, is ready for the water.

In addition to the wood and epoxy, our kits include the stitch and glue adjustable seat, hip braces, bulkheads, hatches with rubber seals, graphite, varnish, paddle park, and the deck hardware.  Everything that is needed for the completed boat is included in our kits!

The weight that is listed for each model reflects the extra hardware that we include for the finished product.

World Class Components

We use the finest quality components in our kits, including BS1088 Lloyds rated okoume mahogany marine plywood (4mm, 6mm and 18mm) and epoxy with clear coating non blushing hardener.  

QuickLock System

The QuickLock System has been designed and perfected exclusively by Waters Dancing Boat Kits. This system holds a number of advantages for you as a boat builder:

  • It easily distinguishes the bow panels from the stern panels.
  • It automatically takes care of longitudinal alignment of the panels (no more string lines and measuring, no more cutting scarf joints or plywood butt blocks).
  • You cannot connect the wrong panels together or join the pieces upside down as they won’t fit.
  • Joining our panels is a “snap” and it saves 4 hours or more over traditional methods, and you always get a clean, attractive joint!
  • You gain increased accuracy, greater strength and better shaping than if using butt blocks or scarf joints. The QuickLock System eliminates potential flat spots.

Comprehensive Manuals

Waters Dancing manuals are exceptionally comprehensive and are specifically tailored to each boat, detailing every step of construction process. The manuals are an average of 150 pages in length and they include 150 photographs and diagrams. In addition to the step-by-step how to process of building the boat, they contain helpful hints on tools, workspace, timelines and keys to success.

In addition, you will also receive the West System user guide which outlines epoxy handling and basic techniques.

We do not know of any other kit providers who explain the “how to” in such detail. Our kits and manuals make it possible for the most hesitant beginner to create their own beautiful boat and join the rest of us, who love paddling in the great outdoors.

The kit

Our kits are designed to be easier to build:

  • QuickLock System Interlocking Connector TM joining system - exclusive to  Waters Dancing.
  • Our comprehensive manual is included with each kit
  • Marine epoxy with clear coating non blushing hardener, a manual on understanding epoxy and a pump set for pre-measuring resin and hardener
  • Pre-cut pieces, with pre-cut marking tabs for ease of positioning and aligning bulkheads and seat
  • Pre-cut hatch openings and covers
  • Customizable cockpit
  • Removable seat specifically designed for comfort and customized to the contours of your body

Waters Dancing Kayak Seat

A removable stitch and glue seat is included in all of our boat kits. These seats are lightweight, comfortable, beautiful and strong. The seat back is adjustable with an automatic cleat attached to the back of the hip brace.

The seat, marking tab for the bulkhead, and QuickLock System, along with other innovations are available exclusively from Waters Dancing.

Kit Materials and Components

Our kits come complete with CNC router pre-cut hull and deck parts which are made from 4mm BS1088 Lloyds rated marine Okoume mahogany plywood. The wood used in our boat kits are the best quality available and it is sourced from sustainably managed growth forests.

We include an adjustable seat that is so comfortable that it rivals any of the production boats molded seats. We also include the fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin with clear coating non blushing hardener, bulkheads, hatches, deck hardware, paddle park, all stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers, 2015 flagship varnish and graphite to make the bottom of your kayak wear like steel. Rubber gloves, small glue brushes, squeegee, mixing tubs and syringes are also included. We even give you the dimensions for the lengths to cut the webbing strips used to secure the hatch covers.


We grain match all the decks and hull parts. This feature significantly enhances the look of your finished boat. This matching process involves laying out and cutting all the parts in the order they will later be assembled. The benefit is that the grain pattern may run from one part to the next all the way up the side of your boat.

To further enhance your boat’s appearance, we receive our plywood from the factory by the container load. This is important because each veneer face is matched to the previous sheet so the hull often has the effect of being book matched.

These may be subtle things but they add to the overall beauty of the finished product. Consider it an extra gift to you from us for choosing a Waters Dancing boat kit!

Thank-you for your interest.  We hope that you will give yourself the unique experience of building and paddling your own boat!